Our One Platform Solution for

Integrated Receivables

Invest in the success of your employees for big wins. Our Field Services include POD, DSD, Route Accounting and more.

Any payment method or channel. Any back-office system.
One platform.

ETran, powered by FTNI, is one of the most robust and modular integrated receivables solutions on the market today.

Managing receivables has become increasingly more difficult for companies who need to process & manage payments from a variety of methods and channels. One of the biggest challenges can be finding an integrated receivable solution that seamlessly integrates with your current back-office accounting and AR systems. Unlike other receiveable platforms, ETran easily integrates with any back-end system to accept mobile, online, and electronic payments.

What can ETran by FTNI do for you?

It provides a comprehensive set of integrated solutions that enables companies to manage their accounts receivable, accounts payable, electronic payments, and customer data in one easy-to-use platform. ETran helps alleviate manual processes associated with running a business, allowing staff to focus on other areas such as customer experience and growth. Not only can ETran simplify the payment process but it can also help businesses save time and costs while greatly improving fraud prevention and security. With ETran, businesses have access to real-time reporting and analytics so they can stay up-to-date with how their finances are performing.


Warehouse management software provided by the Erhardt Partner Group. Keep your warehouse streamlined with the industry's best system.

Voice Picking

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Field Logistics

Empower your people in the field with our turn-key field service management solution headed by our elite partner Spring Global.


Direct store delivery solutions with Spring Global help you to reduce bloat and collaborate with retailers directly.

Route Accounting

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Proof of Delivery

Deliver your products with confidence with a proof of delivery solution that's fast, reliable, and accurate.

Point of Sale

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Innovative Tech

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