Maximize Warehouse Performance with Lydia Voice Picking

Lydia Voice Picking Solution
Tony Horling

Tony Horling

Maximize Warehouse Performance with Lydia Voice Picking

In an ever-evolving digital world, technology has become essential in optimizing operations. Supply chain managers are always looking for solutions that can help them maximize warehouse performance and increase employee satisfaction without compromising on security. One of these solutions is Lydia Voice Picking which provides relevant information to employees via voice commands. Read more to learn about the benefits of using Lydia Voice Picking in your warehouse.

The Benefits of Lydia Voice Picking

Voice Picking offers numerous benefits to both warehouses and their employees. The hands-free and eyes-free nature of the system allows pickers to concentrate solely on the task at hand, making it easier for them to work quickly and accurately. As a result, efficiency and quality increase significantly. Furthermore, Lydia’s voice picking solution also eliminates paper lists or MDE displays, allowing order pickers to focus on their picking tasks instead of having to constantly refer back to printed instructions or computer screens for guidance.

Lydia’s voice picking solution also helps improve safety in your warehouse by eliminating distractions from looking at paper lists or computers while walking or reaching for items from high shelves. With voice picking, order pickers can now navigate the warehouse safely while being provided with the necessary information through voice commands without any distractions whatsoever. This can help reduce potential workplace accidents due to slips, trips and falls as well as other related injuries associated with manual handling.

By utilizing Lydia’s voice picking solution in your warehouse you will also be able to provide employees with job satisfaction since they will be able to work more efficiently without having to worry about misplacing documents or getting lost in the process of manually entering data into systems such as scanners or computers. Not only does this make it easier for staff members to do their jobs but it also ensures that orders are picked correctly every single time – helping you reduce errors and save even more time in the long run!

Top of the line Voice Recognition and Rapid User Adoption

Voice picking is an increasingly popular way to streamline warehouse processes, and companies looking for an efficient solution have been embracing Lydia Voice Picking software for its reliable performance. What makes it especially attractive is the fact that it uses the same advanced voice recognition technology employed by Google, requiring minimal effort to teach employees how to make use of the system.

The ease of user adoption is one of the major advantages that sets Lydia Voice Picking apart from its competitors, as other solutions may require more costly time and energy investments beyond usability training. Voice picking with Lydia Voice Picking thus offers a swift yet accurate alternative for businesses looking to jump ahead in today’s competitive markets.

A Plug and Play Replacement for Bulkier Competitors

Lydia Voice Picking Software Solution provides logistic companies with a clear, plug and play replacement for VoCollect that is 60% cheaper at minimum. In addition, the Voice Picking solution brings a number of key benefits, including eliminating the older template style voice training process, thereby reducing retraining while providing an 11 percent improvement in productivity. This cost savings can be as much as 35%, enhancing your current system and improving bottom line profits.

The Perfect Hardware Solution to Pair with Lydia Voice Picking Software

While Lydia has many quality hardware attachments that help you streamline and augment your voice picking solution, there is another add on we think maximizes your gains. The Zebra RS6100, the Honeywell 8675i or the Zebra WS50 are incredible options you might consider when putting together a solution.

Lydia Voice Picking with the Zebra WS50 Wearable Scanner

We believe the perfect solution is the WS50

Zebra Technologies’ WS50 Wearable Scanner is the ideal companion when it comes to pairing a Voice Picking Solution with Lydia. It is built on Android, meaning that scalability can be easily achieved; it also features an on-device display not offered by its competitors, allowing users to access their applications and data quickly and reliably. In addition, the device contains a built-in scanner that can help your Voice Picking process by allowing for faster verification of potential user errors without requiring a check digit.

This scanner is even equipped with a modular fitting, giving employees the freedom to wear the device according to their individual preferences. Put simply, Zebra’s WS50 Wearable Scanner is an unbeatable choice for any Voice Picking Solution with Lydia.


Voice picking is an innovative technology that not only helps warehouses optimize their performance but it also increases employee satisfaction and improves safety protocols. By utilizing Lydia’s voice picking solution you can ensure that orders are picked correctly every time while reducing errors and saving time in the process! If you’re looking for a reliable way of maximizing your warehouse performance then look no further than Lydia Voice Picking – it could just be the answer you’ve been looking for!

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